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April 28

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May 1

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Every year, I’m inspired by our students’ Lenten Devotional series (available on our social media). They write daily reflections showing God’s love. It gives me hope for the future of faith. Their insights remind me to see the good in the world and trust in the Spirit’s guidance. They are not only future leaders. They are today’s leaders showing us the way filled with the Holy Spirit. -Pastor Andrew

Mia ’25: “We are all dimpled smiles and loose teeth to God.”

Mariana ’26: “Our whole lives-the whole coming and going of it–we are kept in the sight of God. We are meant to rest and we will face trial, but the Lord remains by our side while doing so.”

Sophia ‘24: “God cares about every facet of who we are, down to the boring details of our daily lives.”