At Grace House we understand that in order to connect with students spiritually we need to attend to them holistically. Our programs are marked by radical love, safe inquiry and inclusive justice. They are designed to ensure that students encounter Christ’s love through both word and deed every time they step into Grace House.

Here are a few ways we do that:

  • Serving free coffee every week
  • Small groups for Scripture study
  • Weekly dinner and worship
  • 1 on 1 meetings with students to discuss theology and life
  • Free food + toiletries pantry on-site

In addition to these core practices, Georgia Tech itself has called upon us to address needs that the University cannot on their own. For example, we have been called upon to support timely and effective aid to students in crisis. We have also been asked to provide memorial services and pastoral care for the student body when a student dies by suicide.

By caring for students in body, mind and spirit, we offer space for students to be transformed by God’s love.