In 2022, as Georgia Tech and the world began to reopen after the pandemic, so did Grace House. By remaining open, students continued to rely on and find us. During the 2022 / 2023 academic year we…

Welcomed over 400 students weekly

Served students 10,400 cups of coffee

Gathered for Worship 32 Times

Received visits from 17 Faith Leaders

Served 330 Meals to Students before worship and during other events

Spent 510 Student Hours in Small Groups

Developed 6 Student Leaders serving on our executive student leadership team

Distributed an Estimated 1 Metric Ton of Food through our food pantry to students experiencing food insecurity

Catalyzed a New Social Justice Student Org


“Since I started coming to small groups, I feel like seeking God and spirituality in my life has become a joyful and loving process instead of a shameful one. I love being here!”


Class of 2026

“Grace House has been one of the best things I’ve been a part of during my time here at Georgia Tech. I really noticed that the work that this place is doing is much greater than what is confined within the walls of this community but reaches out to the entire Georgia Tech student body.”


Class of 2025

“Whether it’s daily prayers, small groups, or even sharing an evening prayer and meal, everything about Grace House is just lovely and I love it here so much.”


Class of 2024

“It’s an experience that makes you feel valuable and respected, which is the same attitude with which we see Jesus approach so many marginalized people throughout his ministry. And it’s this attitude that helps create a deeply genuine atmosphere of radical love and acceptance.”


Class of 2023

“I’ve been coming almost 2 years now and have been steadily getting more involved as it took a while for me to open up. I’d definitely say that they’ve challenged me while I’ve been there, and I’m confident I’ve added to them as well!”


Class of 2026

Student Story

Rachel joined our worship gathering during the 2021 / 2022 academic year. They made an immediate impression. During a discussion on the Book of Revelation, Rachel dove into an in-depth explanation of the “tree of life” and the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

Over the next few months, Rachel got to know Grace House and had many conversations with Pastor Andrew. They talked about their family, schooling, relationships, and their views on faith. They wrestled with various theological concepts for years, including faith, salvation, judgment and the inerrancy of scripture. Rachel was seeking clear answers to these complex questions. They were open to exploring.

Over time, Rachel became more open to the possibilities of the Spirit. They embraced the mystery of faith while holding onto the foundational truths: God loves all creation, God calls us to do justice and love mercy, and God is not done working in the world.

Rachel sensed the Spirit calling them to teach particularly the younger generation. After graduating this spring, they will start a teaching position in Virginia. We are excited to see how they will grow and transform themselves and the world around them through their work!