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“What I love about Grace House is… how welcoming the community is to everyone and how it’s a space where you can just exist without people asking questions.”


Class of 2026

“I’ve grown a lot in my personal faith through Grace House, especially through small group discussions… Grace House has been critical in helping me find a community at Tech and feeling like it’s a home away from home.”


Class of 2027

“It’s been amazing to see how the small groups provide a space for students to take care of themselves and embrace who they are.”


Passion Collective Intern

“What I love about Grace House is I know I’m always safe to be my true self.”


Passion Collective Intern

“As a small group leader at Grace House, I usually saw familiar faces every week. But one day, two freshmen joined unexpectedly. Excited by their presence, I mentioned an upcoming Pride Eucharist at All Saints later that evening. To my surprise, they were intrigued and decided to join. We spent the next two hours at Grace House, and then I took them to the service.

During the Eucharist, it became evident that they had experienced hurt from faith backgrounds that rejected their identities. Witnessing their emotional reaction to the affirming atmosphere was moving. Over the course of the service, it was like witnessing a transformation in them. They found acceptance and belonging in Grace House, embracing a faith community that welcomed them entirely.

Now, those two freshmen have become small group leaders themselves, introducing others to the idea of a faith that embraces individuals for who they are. It’s a beautiful journey of acceptance, transformation, and finding home in a community that celebrates diversity and love.”


Class of 2024

“That exemplified radical love certainly, and how Grace House can be a unique space for conversations like that.”


Passion Collective Intern

Both my parents are ELCA pastors. Sometimes when I mention this to friends or people I meet, I notice a skeptical look on their faces. It’s like they’re wondering if I’ll be stricter or different somehow. But every time, especially when I mention that they’re the same type of pastors as the Grace House, everyone’s face lights up. It’s like an instant connection. People start sharing how much they love Grace House, mentioning grabbing coffee there or attending worship services. It’s incredible how universal the positive response is, no matter where I am or who I’m talking to.

I believe it’s because our mission at Grace House is so transparent. Our values of radical love, inclusive justice, and safe inquiry resonate deeply with our student body. It’s something that everyone can understand and relate to, regardless of their background or beliefs. Whether I’m studying at the library or hanging out with friends, Grace House seems to be a part of everyone’s experience. It’s not just a place for worship or small group meetings—it’s a hub of community.

Every Thursday, you’ll find students stopping by for coffee, picking up free food, or grabbing blessing bags. It’s a space where everyone has the opportunity to connect and engage. And that’s what makes Grace House so special—it’s more than just a church. It’s a place of true community, where people from all walks of life come together.

For me, being part of the Grace House community has been life-changing. It’s opened my eyes to the power of communion and what genuine community looks like, not only here at Georgia Tech but also in the greater Atlanta area. I’m so grateful for this place and the love it embodies.